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Originally Posted by Jae
I can't get used to hearing Jennifer Hale with an American accent, though.
im playing as John, so i dont know what Jane sounds like, but have you played Jedi Academy? Jennifer Hale was the female PC and had an american accent. when i played kotor for the first time and encountered Bastila, i had no idea it was Hale until i heard the "ouch" lines in combat. stellar voice acting and actor.

Originally Posted by Lynk
It's a first person shooter that isn't like every other first person shooter out there and also has a compelling and interesting story.
story? im all into story. but i doubt my computer can handle it. heck, im running Mass Effect on a laptop version of an unsupported graphics card. (took some tweaking, but i have it on a nice playable setting).
speaking of, im playing the game, and im getting HORRIBLE textures on 'Ultra High + Anisotropic'! whats up with that?
id post this on a mass effect forum, but staying the hell away until i finish the game. (spoilers)

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.
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