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Originally Posted by Lord-Vadus View Post
I have a question, do u think u could make the tusken jedi robe usable by other characters. like just the robe part not the mask
a few people have asked me that:
My idea
Originally Posted by redrob41 View Post
A few people here and at FileFront have asked if the Tusken Jedi robes could be used to replace the standard Jedi robe (tunic) for K1. I gave it a try yesterday, and had mixed results. I was able to model the Tusken head out of the way, and get the PMHC01 head to show up on it. That worked fine, but all his animations were the same as the Tusken (mostly the hunched over resting body position). It would look strange to go from standing tall in a suit of heavy armour, then put on a robe and suddenly look like he's carrying a piano on his back. If I can figure out a way to change the animation set, then I'll go ahead with it. Settoken seems to have recently come up with a way to do it, but he's still working out the method, and hasn't released a tutorial yet. I'll keep an eye out for it tho, so hopefully one day (in the future) I'll be able to make a long Jedi robe for K1.
I haven't played with it in a while, because I wasn't having favourable results. It still might be possible, but I'm just concentrating on other stuff right now.

I'm trying to make a quick and dirty playable version of all the aliens (just one skin each, plus portraits), but some of them are giving me grief. It's all about the pesky animations . The other stumbling block is the modeltpe column in the appearance.2da. I'm not sure what all the different letters stand for (B = big?, S = simple?, L = ?, F = ?).

I'm also working on new underwear skins & models for both K1 & TSL.

Of course, everything has got to take a back seat to packing and moving.

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