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Ah well indeed. :/

Anyways. I have started work on a piece that I plan to have unfold into an epic poem.
Not epic as in awesome or the best ever (although, when I am finished, hopefully it will be just that lol). It will be a time before I post it entirely, but I will keep updates on it and still post smaller poems/lyrics here and there.

Anyways .. Just a small update.
And, so that wasn't a waste of your time ... here's a little something I wrote yesterday.

- Untitled -

so bright,
against the shattered sky.

Death fight,
bitter sight,
kneel down in prayer and listen to the lie.

The oceans crashes,
the wind smashes,
so much for eternity.

Whip lashes,
skin deep gashes,
destroy her fertility.

Sing a song in desperation.

Owls fly over,
rats take cover,
snakes, they poise to strike.

Into the never,
journey takes forever,
be careful to avoid the bite.

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