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Seriously Ė What Game Did You Play? [Spoilers]

When I decided to use YouTube because of its popularity to be a host to show KOTOR videos, I would have never thought that I would see some of the craziest statements ever known to man who actually played the KOTOR games. Whatís even crazier are the people who have played it recently and are saying these things. The title of the thread is a question I wonder when I read some of the comments that have been posted.

I was shocked by some of the comments at first because of the stupidity and later found them amusing when I realized that this is the norm since it happens all the time. I have posted 184 videos (170 still active) which are littered with comments by various YouTube members and I must say that with the 1000ís upon 1000ís of comments, I suppose youíre bound to have some of the weirdest things ever said.

From theories, speculation, and weird observations, the YouTube community almost brings you comedy that rivals Jay Lenoís Jaywalk in my opinion. I didnít have to write anything funny. I just let the people talk and put it all together for you to see just like what Jay does. For those who have played the games and really know whatís going on, I know youíre in for a treat.

Paying attention is something that lacks with many in the YouTube community. I already discovered how people donít pay attention to their dialogue choices which is why there are too many people to count didnít even know that Carth or Bastila was in TSL. So if theyíre not paying attention to what theyíre choosing, theyíre not going to read the summaries I wrote to be helpful to understand why some things were the way they were and ask questions they could have the answer to if they just had the patience to read. Some of those situations will come up.

After first posting a video two years ago, building up my video collection and watch people react, letís get started in seeing how those have turned out so far.

*Note: Since YouTube doesnít have a language filter and people can say anything they want to, I snipped certain parts manually and replacing it with [snip]. I may change a word like ďheĒ to an actual name so you know specifically who they were talking about and in that case Iíll put it in like this [characterís name].

Back in December of 2006, I was beta testing T7nowhereís WOTOR mod and I had just downloaded the trial version of Fraps and recorded my first scene ever. It isnít spectacular, but it has sentimental value since it was the first time I ever used the program as it was the first time I saw T7ís mod in action in my game.

Darth Bandon's Appearance
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YouTube Video

Here is Trask, the first character you ever meet in the 2003 game of the year sacrificing his life to Darth Bandon to save Revanís life. Then came the comments and some of them were memorable:

"oh [snip]. i didnt notice it was darth bandon. lolz. that never came to mind when i played."

"do you think it will be an option to see trask again in some future kotor-game. I mean you never really see him die, even if it is unlikley he can have survived."

"didnt [Darth Bandon] die on the endar spire?"
Here is a reaction to Bandon having a single bladed lightsaber without reading my summary:

"Darth Bandon had a double-bladed saber."

"what happened to his double bladed lightsaber?"
Some people need to read the title of the video:

"Wait a minute, that's Bandon?"
And here is my favorite comment:

"lol i bet none of u guys have beat the game lol... thats not darth bandon!!!! remem when u face him on tairs? he says after he besas u his master might reward him with a light saber? that guy already has 1!!!!! and second wtf??!!! zingodoom?!!! u dont have any party members exepct the droid carth onasai and bastala when u fight him!!! u talkin outta ur [snip]!!!!"

Juhani's Rescue
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YouTube Video

I filmed my first action scene with a modded Juhani making her way through the leviathan to rescue the rest of Revanís party. My Super Enhanced Mod is very evident as Juhani is able to deflect laser bolts back to her enemies and they die on the first hit and she takes on a Sith apprentice instead of a very skilled Sith soldier. I was in a learning process of how to make a good picture when the transfer was made to YouTube.

Before I took on the Sith Apprentice, I used Force Speed because if I didnít, the Sith Apprentice could kill my quickly if I didnít kill him quickly with the new enhancements. I never did adjust that part of the game when I made it, but anyway; obviously some people never learned how to use that Force Power:

"how the heck is she so powerful?"

"WOW Juhanis Like Super Strong!"
Youíll find out that some people never knew the Force Jump ever existed:

"What's that jump feature? Is it a mode or can be achieved by regular means, ie., experience"

"whats the name of that leap mod?"
And my favorite Ė someone who doesnít understand how modding works and is jealous of the changes I can make:

"[snip] hacker"
The first video that started the inspiration I got from my previous thread that talked about how the comments of people who didnít know about Carth and Bastila in TSL started here:

The Exile Meets Carth Onasi
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YouTube Video

Now there is no sense for me to post the comments of the surprises of Carth being in the game. If you want to see those, check this thread out:

I did figure that there were some other comments worth mentioning. I later make two other videos showing that scene with different scenarios, but Iím doing these videos from oldest to youngest from my release dates.

Here is a funny conversation on how someone thinks you get Carth in TSL:

[Guy 1]"the exaile must have name reven"
[Guy 2]"so if ur name is reven then this scene will come?"
[Guy 1]"yes and no you must have name raven and message from T3-M4"
I guess the last ďknownĒ Jedi wasnít comprehended as it was known only to the Sith that the Exile was the last Jedi and at the beginning of TSL he/she is the only known one until later. Now letís not forget we meet other Jedi like Vrook, Kavar, and Zez-Kai Ell:

"It makes you wonder, if the Exile is supposedly the last real jedi, and Bastila is a jedi... what goes on there?"

"can sum1 send me a email message explaining to me why bastila is still alive. if the exile is the last jedi then wat is bastila is she not a jedi anymore or wat. thx"
Letís not forget strange theories:

"the exile is revan i'm sure about that"

"maybe kreia killed revan and stole his ship. because carth said that wherever revan has been the ship has also been there and when you are on the harbinger kreia is the one who saves you with the ebon hawk."
I guess some people think that all Force Bonds are as lethal as Kreia and the Exileís:

"Revan should be alive, because bastila shares a bond with him, so she couldnīt be alive either."
And the biggest question for Revan Fanboys who donít pay attention to the dialogue. My guess is they probably only played TSL to see if they can find Revan and think they are lost in their quest:

"sooo.. does Reven ever return? and why did he leave?"

"is there anyway to find reven cause after the secne i went to all the planets cept some and looked for him or his body is there a way to find him"

"Is Revan's fate or objective for his mission ever revealed, and can you find him?"

"can u find revan"
Darth Revan Kills the Star Forge Jedi
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YouTube Video

Here is a video made of me using a mod that gives Revan the ability to kill the Jedi on the Star Forge. Now, there has been some reactions about modding like where I got Revanís robes and such, but I figured I would post the memorable ones.

I make it clear that this video uses this mod which is the purpose of the video. That is why I write summaries:

"Omg i wanted to do that but i cant for some reason? help is it a mod?"

"How u get this?"

"ive tried to kill them i just can't"

"How do you kill those Jedi whenever I try to do it it never works."

"do you have to be totall evil to kill them? I've never gotten up that awnser option"
The issue of the Force Jump by Jedi Guardians comes up again since it is featured in this video too:

"how did you do the force jump is that a mod also"

"how did u fly in the air to do that move"

"how do you do that really long jump?"
Someone felt they had to tell me how to play my game based on what they saw in TSL and then forget that Revan carried a single red during scene of Malakís betrayal in K1:
"fool. revan dual wielded red and violet lightsabers."
And my favorite is the one guy who got into an argument with myself and others that he actually did this on his Xbox Here is his statements:

"Least the video was overall nice. Message to gamers: killing the Jedi on the star forge is NOT a mod."

"no it's not cause ive done this on xbox"

"wasnt dreaming i did it"

"I dont care if its ur video or not, i freakin did it! and who are you to say that i dont think before i speak? and yes im honest!"

"i just got done beating the game again about two days ago. and yes i killed the jedi."

"i wasnt dreaming, i swear"
Well, that is enough for now. What Iím going to do is add more later on as each of you read and post your thoughts. Itís a lot of work to put this together so when I get time, Iíll do more.

Now, I do need replies if Iím going to continue doing this because double-posting is frowned upon around here so if you want me to put together more of this, leave your feedback.

Mod Note: I won't squash a DP in this light as it is posted for a purpose, not to bloat your post count or spam. So carry on Shem. -RH

There is plenty to do since I only did four videos so far which means there is lots to look forward to with plenty of laughs!

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