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I’m glad some of you like this. That makes the work I do to put this together all worth it!

Calo Nord Collects a Bounty
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YouTube Video

This video didn’t have many comments over the last couple of years, but there was one that stuck out to me as someone forgot about the Star Wars timeline:

"He should of been Jango Fett's or Bobba Fett's assistant in the Star Wars movies. That would of been awesome!"
Redeem Juhani
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YouTube Video

With a modded game, some people like to ask questions about my new Juhani and such, but then there is that one person who never killed her:

"but if you kill her does some other character takes her place in the party ?"

Darth Revan Retakes the Title of Dark Lord
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YouTube Video

So I use Lit Ridl’s Multi-Force Kill mod:

"Force multikill, you cheated. Why In the world would you use a mod."
Then there are confused people:

"wat [snip] game is that u r playing the on ei play is so much diffrent u dotn get to put ya hood up"
Run that by me again:

"Malak is noob"
Somebody is stuck:

"how do u beat the droids before u face malak? plz help"
Someone is gender confused:

"is revan a man or a woman? i gotta know"
So some people don’t think before they speak:

"Why do you think that revan wore a mask? perhaps his face was burnt? does anyone have any other ideas?"
And then there is that one person who is confused which KOTOR game it was:

"is this Kotor 2?"

Putting an End to Darth Traya
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YouTube Video

There are two things to observe here. This person has never played on the dark side and my character happens to be on the dark side in this video:

"do u still fight her if ur on the dark side"
Run that by me again:

"forgot to say this but it's better to beat the game on the good side because Kreia tells the future for you."

"isn't traya good in the beginning?"
Okay, so you can’t beat Kreia, but tell me what level you’re on:

"Also how do you kill Darth Treya, i'm only lvl 31 or 35."
Someone wanted Kreia to die miserably:

"Even as you killed that damn old scow she was [snip] happy about it! Soo annoying!"
It’s okay to admit failure:

"When I first fought Kreia I died and then I thought: 'You just got your [snip] kicked by an ancient lady, Jeff! How could you' I succeeded her in the end though"
Modding your game can confuse people:

"wtf arent the three sabers suppose to be purple i did this 20 something times and each time they were purple"
It’s one thing to rush through the dialogue, but then there are those who are in a hurry to finish:

"i beat this game on my xbox, but died alot, i was like a lvl 19 when i defeated her =), it sucks with the lightsabers"
And I love queries:

"wait is darth traya and kriea the same charecter or is darth traya a clone"

Defeating Darth Nihilus by Sacrificing Visas
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YouTube Video

Someone makes a connection:

"S-Shem!? Of KotORfiles!?"
Some people have other off-topic claims and queries:


"im Darth Fatalis! woooo!"

"Darth Nihilus is a Woman??"

"Is Nihilus like Darth Malak? And why does Darth Nihilus talk like a holocron, how can you even understand it?!"

"can anyone ever understand wtf nihilus says?"
Some are still lost:

"plz help do you now how to build a proton bomb answer quick"

"someone freiken help me im on the ravager but i cant find out how to get the last explosive i have to make"
But what we really want to know is how many people didn’t know you could have Visas sacrifice herself which wasn’t as many as I thought there would be over the last two years:

"i didn't know you could sacrifice visas"

"Do you have to tell Kreia when you're talking about Visas that you will sacrifice her for yourself?I't didn'T work me with both, when i said i will sacrifice or bot sacrifice her"

"How exactly did you do this? I remember doing it once before, but the dialogue option never came up again."

"mh amazing but u can really sacrifice Visas or this is just a mod?
If this is not a mod i would really wish to try"

"What the hell?I never had that option in that dialogue,and i was dark side,with dark mastery...hmm,well,i guess i'd never do that anyway..."

"is that a mod? i played this game one time dark side and there was no choice to sacrafice visas."
Then there are the reactions:


"that's so sad, I like Visas so much"

"Y did u sacrifice Visas?!"

"y did she say "my life,for your"?"

"Even when I was on the dark side I never sacrificed Visas, She one of my fav. chars. and I would have felt guilt"

"Y would u want her to commit suicide? That's lame. She's got like the sexiest voice in the game and u gona send her on a suicide mission? Gay."

"aaaw...poor Visas...she was a good slut, i didnt killed her."

"I got so sick of hearing her say m life for yours, at least it actually makes sense the way she uses it in this scene"

"it looks like visas is taking a [snip] wen she kills her self"

"noooooooo!!!! you killed visas. how could you shes so hot. [snip] you!!!!!! (ironically the user removed his comment from the public later)"

"Wow, why would you sacrifice Visas? I mean, she's like Bastila on KOTOR 3, uses Battle Meditation and [snip]..."

"you bastard. you killed my woman"

"horrible murder"

"Why would you want to sacrifice visas???? she is one of the coolest chars (my opinion)"

"visis is suicidal"

"oh i see what she means by my life is yours"

"That is freaking cold hearted"

"well, i did not see that one coming"

"Visas may be worthless but she doesnt desever to die."

"I'm not going sit here and humor with responses. Visas didnt have to kill her self, and by doing so was completely in vain. Darth Nihilus could still be defeated with her alive, and her being alive is not her weakness."

"OMG WHY DID YOU KILL HER. Just because she is there doesn't mean you should kill her! There was no point. She could have lived. Why would you do that"

"i don't want to sacrifice visas!"
Going through those comments can be very time consuming, but as long as you all are enjoying it, keep up with your replies.

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