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Naked guys, cell phones, and handguns.

Eden of the East thread, hells yeah.

12 Selecaos are chosen by a man(?) named Mr. Outside and given a cell phone with 10 billion yen in digital money and a direct link to a woman named Juiz, who can use that 10 billion for anything from assassinations to having a pack of gum delivered to them to making the Prime Minister of Japan get on national TV to simply say the word "uncle". The catch is they have to use that 10 billion to "save" the country, and are killed when they run out, don't spend anything for a long period of time, or spend too much on personal things. The Selecao that "saves" the country first gets to live, the rest die, and none of them know what exactly the requirements are for "saving" the country.

The story focuses around Saki Morimi and Selecao #9, Akira Takizawa, who stumbles into Saki's life naked, holding a gun and a cell phone, and distracts the cops trying to question her about what she threw onto the White House lawn (a coin).

It's being subbed by gg and it's good and go watch it the end.

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