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Originally Posted by StarWarsGooN View Post
Time travel was way overused as a plot tool!
{After seeing new "reboot" Star Trek movie}:


Please kill me.........

...............time travel and alternate realities........
This "reboot" ST franchise has nowhere to go and will hang in limbo...much like Superman Returns.... <----I know its comparing apples to oranges but if you understand and take my comprehension of the whole situation from my standpoint.
Granted the characters were marvelous and story took some direction sideturns, but I don't see this going made its $millions$ as a one way trip.

As of right now, a circle group of sith people in the wings are just itching for George Lucas to kick the bucket so they can do a "rehash", "reimagining", or "reboot" of
Star Wars...

.......We will see it in our lifetime. Mark my words.

I know this isn't the truest place to debate all this here but I just had to vent and express.

Just look @ my Join Date for these LucasForums and behold the proof that I'm a revered veteran of here!
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