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Toran blasted the jaffa without a second thought and then quickly brought his staff weapon to bear on the second one, shooting him directly in the chest.

"Jaffa! Kree!! Your master Ba'al is not a god! If he truely wanted this cargo ship back, could he not simply will it to his side if he was a god?!"

The remaining two Jaffa snarled at him and brought their staff weapons to bear on him.

"I am not going to serve false gods again!"

Toran shot the third one in the chest and then ducked as the last remaing Jaffa responded by opening up on him.


Toran rolled to the side and slammed into the last remaining jaffa, sending him sailing out of the access port.

" is yo-"

Toran stopped as he felt the familiar point of a staff weapon poke the back of his throat.

Sokar...I thought I got them all.
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