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Let’s continue on.

Using the Force Just For Fun
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YouTube Video

Somebody now likes Bastila:

"I now no longer hate bastillas character"
Run that by me again:

"lol bastila is mint"

"i got this before. but I had to use the bathroom and I missed it... not lieing"

"Aww [Bastila] so naughty she turns me on."

"Bastila needs to shut up and get laid lol"

"god i hate that bastila is a brit"
Wishful thinking:

"if mission had very little pacence, both mission and bastla would have a cat fight. hehe."
Somebody didn’t like the game even though they decided to watch some of my videos:

"this is probably the only part of the game I liked sadly."
Remember your KOTOR geography:

"Is this at Taris?"
Somebody didn’t play the game:

"What game is this?"
This scene is an inspiration:

"lol makes me wanna play KotOR"
Then there are those who never saw this happen:

"never seen that one before, hmm maybe I should try hangin around those two more instead of carth and the wooki"

"is that actually in the game?"
Let’s see how many times can people say either pawned, owned, or whatever some people like to say:

"mission got owned"



"missin got owned finally"

""That doesn't mean you can be a prissy little.." (Force action!)



"wow, Mission got pwned!"

"lol owned"


"lol you should have paused the game and then have in very big letters "P-W-N-T""

"Owned! lol"



"lol she got pwned"
The Spoiled Jedi Princess
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YouTube Video

Here is a learning experience:

"I don't remember this scene ever happening XD Thanks for putting it up here Shem"
Run that by me again:

"I think Canderous and Mandalore are the same person."

"Bastila just needs a little spanking that's all. "

"anybody think bastila is really really hot?"

"bastila is hot when she's mad"

"bastila is hot when shes not mad"

"bastila is jus plain hot"

The Difference Between Warriors and Soldiers
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YouTube Video

Not much in that video but this odd comment:

OMG! Carth Used Canderous Name! xD

Darth Malak was the Original Meatbag
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YouTube Video

Some people have a learning experience:

"Hold up...So Revan the Dark Lord of the Sith...Had a scence of humor"

"Hmm... Do you need to be on the dark side to activate this cutscene?"
I never knew of my celebrity status until I replied to someone’s comment:

"Shem is talking to me? Wow, can I say that I love your videos?"
Run that by me again:

"Bioware sucks"

"What were LucasArts' boys smoking when they invented that awesome droid? I love that robot!"

"ok how in the hell do you become revan?"

"Malak was the original meat bag?"

HK-47's Suggestion to Get Prestige
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YouTube Video

There are people still trying to get HK-47 in their party:

"how do i get hk-47"

"how do u rebuild hk?"

"where do you get Hk-47? i dunno if it makes a differnce but I play xbox version"
Then there are those who found HK-47, but are on a tight budget:

"I might have added HK-47 to my party if it wasn't for the fact he's 4000 credits I know I'm a tightwad"
Someone thinks HK-47 is too mean:

"how do you stop hk from being so mean?????????????? pls tell"
Keep up the posting so I can add more updates!

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