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O'Neille woke up quickly. He was quite used to being shot by zats by now. But that didn't mean it hurt any less. With a groan he pulled himself up.

Before him Carter shot a Jaffa whose staff weapon was stuck against the "good" Jaffa's back. The zat blast disabled them both.

"Sir! We need to get out of here! That Jaffa doesn't have a symbiote, and he could die if we don't give him attention soon!"

Jack's eyes drifted to the defeated Jaffa on the floor. Carter nodded. "I know sir, but first--"

The cargo ship shook again. "Jack!" Daniel was not too keen on flying the cargo ship under enemy fire.

O'Neille took control and brought the cargo ship to full speed. He dodged multiple death glider shots, and finally the craft veered off and retreated.

After a short flight, O'Neille had safely landed the craft at the airfield. He looked to see the Jaffa waking up.

"Can you stand?" Carter asked.
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