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Hello , I'm new here and found yesterday this amazing mod .

This mod is juts AMAZING !! I love the new color of Malak , Bastila , Juhani . I'm still in Dantooine and so far everything is just amazing . The new level in the EbonHawk made me droole lol that was awesome ! Great work .

But I'm encountering a bug .

I don't know wich item is making this bug but it happen to everyone but my charachter . Canderous was turned into a blue female twilek . Juhanie was turned into those bug eyes race , then after loading a save she was turned into those lizard like race .

I deleted all the armors that I got from the basement level just in case . But now it seem since I kept those neat gauntlet and of them or maybe all of them are turning the crew into a new race .

Any idea how to stop this ??? It's just freaky , canderous with a lipstick and boobs and with that voice LOL

Please help , if there is any way maybe delete some files or something ???

Thank you ! can't wait to continue , I bet there is more to this mod I didn't see :-)
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