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I have the .exe in the KOTOR 2 root folder and I'm using XP with SP1 and SP2, pretty much every .NET Framework update as well.

I choose "full installation" when prompted.

The RichEdit line insertion error pops us with a TSLPatcher dialog box, but the thing is that I've followed the solution to that given in the TSLPatcher discussion thread (I've replaced both the RichEdit .dlls and changed the print-text log), and the thing keeps popping up even with that.

Edit: Uh, bump again.

I extracted the .exe to manually install with TSLPatcher but as it turns out, TSLPatcher really, really hates me. It gives me an "unhandled error" when I try install the extracted files, even though I'm pretty sure I've done all the right things (the files are in "tslpatchdata", there's a changes.ini file, the 2DA files).

Now, I'm pretty sure the only problem I have is that I can't install the proper lines into appearance.2da and portraits.2da. If someone can't find a solution to my TSLPatcher woes, I'd like to request someone who's successfully installed this mod to provide their 2DA files, but that might be illegal as well...

Combining earlier post into this one. Sorry you aren't getting any help JTFO, but posting repeated requests are considered spam here, you have already asked for the mod files once, the second time your post was removed, now this one is longer but basically asking the same thing. Again I'm sorry you aren't getting the help you want, it is a pity that AVol has left us, if you don't get responses here you could try to contact the maker of the TSL Patcher for assistance stoffe via Private Messaging (PM) or post about this in the TSL Patcher thread. -RH

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