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To get a lightsaber, you'll have to leave the planet ( Taris ). Don't worry. It won't be very hard. Anyway, the advice is to check the plot in your journal ( what you have to do to move on ). Finally, you should use cheats. Here's how :(very very usefull)

Here's a part of what is in the above link:
Cheat mode:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "swkotor.ini" file in the game folder. Scroll to the "GAME OPTIONS" section and add the following line:

Save the file and start the game. Press ~ during game play to display the console window then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Press [Tab] to list all console commands.

Effect Code
Set "Computer Use" skill: setcomputeruse <10-999>
Set "Demolitions" skill: setdemolitions <10-999>
Set "Stealth" skill: setstealth <10-999>
Set "Awareness" skill: setawareness <10-999>
Set "Persuade" skill: setpursuade <10-999>
Set "Repair" skill: setrepair <10-999>
Set "Security" skill: setsecurity <10-999>
Set "Strength" skill: setstrength <10-999>
Set "Dexterity" skill: setdexteriry <10-999>
Set "Constitution" skill: setconstitution <10-999>
Set "Intelligence" skill: setintelligence<10-999>
Set "Wisdom" skill: setwisdom <10-999>
Set "Charisma" skill: setcharisma <10-999>
Set "Awareness" skill: setawareness <10-999>
Set "Treat Injury" skill: settreatinjury <10-99>
Add indicated number of levels: addlevel <number>
Add indicated number of experience points: addexp <number>
Invincibility: invulnerability
Add the indicated number of Light Side points: addlightside <number>
Add the indicated number of Dark Side points: adddarkside <number>
Full map: revealmap
Get indicated number of credits: givecredits <number>
Spawn indicated item: giveitem <item name>
Spawn medpacks: givemed
Spawn parts: giveparts
Spawn repair packs: giverepair
Spawn computer spikes: givecomspikes
Spawn Sith Armor: givesitharmour <number>
Heal selected party member's health and Force points: heal
Press W or S to move faster; repeat to disable: turbo
Brightens screen; not recommended for certain areas: bright
Unknown: turbo <number>
Unknown: restartminigame
Travel to indicated map: warp <map name>
One use items never expire: infiniteuses
List player's position on current map in Cartesian coordinates: whereami
Turn Malak into a dancing Twi'lek in the last fight: dancedancemalak
A pleasure to help

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