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Mical/Disciple said that Arren Kae was Revan's first and last master. Revan was Arren Kae's padawan

Kreia claims to have originally taught Revan and then Revan came back to her to learn once more. Revan was Kreia's padawan. (So again, first and last)

If you play male Exile during the return to Telos part, you can ask Atris 'Where is Kreia?'
Atris: Kreia? That is not her name.

So Revan killed her husband(the person she trained like a child of hers killed her lover.
That easily fits the enitre Darth Traya philosphy(has been betrayed and will betray in turn).

Brianna as Kreia's daughter would make Brianna would be a Luke Skywalker archetype.

The entire bit where Kreia said there is no such thing as coincidence.
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