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Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post
I was considering the Samsung 305t and the 2560 x 1600 Resolution, and was wondering if it really is worth it.

Down at Frys I can get a Samsung 32 inch LCD 1080p monitor for only a few hundred dollars compared to the $1000+ 2560 x 1600 Resolution. I'm sure I already know the answer to this, but I'm assuming a 32 inch 1080p is more than enough right now.
Being a 305T devotee I am whackily biased in my love of 1600p, but I am the first to admit they are damn expensive(same with the Dell and Apple equivalents). I saved for a *year* to get mine

A cheaper alternative maybe the 2048 x 1152(QWXGA), which come in 23'' flavours from Dell and Samsung. The Dell version was about $420 as of last November, so has hopefully crept down a bit. When it comes to multi windowed graphical apps, every pixel of extra 'real estate' you get it is very handy

1080p is primarily a media/console gaming display standard. For the stuff you want to do, you should start at 1900x1200 - even on 23'' ... 1080p slathered across 32'' is great for your ps3, but you are going to be more efficient with more screen space(as opposed to just a bigger screen) [/IMO of course]


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