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Specter smiled from under his mask. The chunin grabbed Specter by the collar

"Do you take us as a fool? During our first meeting, you claimed that Naruto was the one who destroyed your clan. Not Gatoa. I think you were following Karela's clone as a way to guide you back to our Hokage!"

"What a clever chunin you are...clever but too headstrong."

Specter grabbed onto Kaneda's shoulder with his right hand and threw him to the side. He opened a portal just in front of his feet and concentrated on the other end. The other end revealed remains of a village. Most homes were either partially or completely destroyed. Ash covered the once green grass. Bones were either buried or on the ground.

"That is all that remains of my village. Everyone was wiped out, engulfed in fire and hatred. That Hokage of yours turned into a monster and wiped everyone out. My wife and daughter were killed with the rest of them. My daughter was only four!" Specter's souless white eyes began glowing. His hands began turning red. "Don't give me your ninja sympathy and say they died for a reason or fate, No! They died because your precious Hokage and his team attacked us!"
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