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It’s time for another update.

Juhani's Feelings and Concerns About Canderous
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YouTube Video

This scene was originally restored by Stoffe, and I thought it would be cool to upload for those who never had the chance to see it. It’s never a dull moment with the different types of responses.

Run that by me again:

"Anyway, she would be a nice co-bitch to Bastilla for Lord Revan´s desire !"

"i didnt finish KOTOR 1..cuz my brother deleted it"

"I heard REVAN tooked her to the unknown regions. I also heard that she was killed by atton"

"Is there ever a point where Juhani turns to the Dark Side and you have to strike her down?"

"u can totally tell that juhani is just so desperate, she wants him"

"mmmm yeah. im gay"

"is this kotor 1"

"when i first say this videos title i thoughh you meant Juhani likes Canderous"

"Is it just me or does Juhani have a Russian accent?"

"jolee reminds me of my 5th grade social studies teacher"

"who was Juhani i dont rember her in the game"

"What game is this?"

"k, i know this is restored content this i have to download, but is it for kotor or kotor 2?"

"Its funny how Juhani instantly attacks Canderous simply for who he is and what his culture is, its also very hypocritical considering Cathar are also very warrior-like, yet i do pity her in the sense that she has the goodwill of the jedi and the battle-love of the Cathar battling it out inside her, she must be a very confused person."

"how come the weird, alien, exotic looking character has a russian accent."
Let’s go off-topic and talk about what gender she prefers:

"Juhani would be a lot more acceptable in my eyes if it weren't for the fact she is apperantly homosexual."

"Star Wars first lesbian character if I've got it right."

"juhani's lesbian she likes gurls"
Sometimes people make me wonder how much clearer I have to be to let them know this is restored content with the summary I wrote and at times I would answer the question. Being resourceful isn’t some people’s strong point:

"Where can I find this?"

"how did u get this scecne?coz i tried still no luck but after the 2nd star map"

"Does she talk you about this on the Xbox version?"

"How did you engage in this conversation? I got very far with her, but I got no results."

"How do you get this conversation? Just play a while with her and Canderous?"
Somebody thought that all the cut content was in TSL:

"There was missing content in Kotor? I thought there was just missing content in KOTOR II."
Each time I post a video with a mod, someone asks about it and some will ask if they can get it for the Xbox version. I can understand people’s queries about modding, especially if the Xbox version is all you know which I why for the most part I don’t post comments about that, but there are a few people who really seem upset or confused:

"wat the hell, thats not juhani"

"thats not juhanis face!"

"Juhani doesn't look anything like she does on the XBOX version. She looks more human in this one. Maybe they screwed up on the graphics for the PC version."
Kissing Bastila 3.0 (A Visual Kiss)
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YouTube Video

Thanks to Swfan28, he added a visual kiss for us to see instead of it being cut out. It’s done really well considering there are no kissing animations in the game. There is only so much you can do to point people in the right direction that the scene is real, but there is a mod to add more to it. Let’s check it out.

Run that by me again:

"i wonder whos the pervs that added these vids to ther favs"

"Maybe you should have ended with them in there under were."

"you should have put HK in the background watching."

"o c`mon this war or a mere soap opera???"

"does anyone kno how to make an xbox game save"


"LOL they looked at the two beds!"

"it's that Obi Wan?"

"Why isn't that happening with Carth and if you are a female? Or Atton and the Female Exile?"

"that was sort of creepy and jeez shes dramatic and man they looked at the beds!!!"

"lol.they looked at the beds"

"Also can you tell me the pros and cons of using 2 light sabers? I just love using two"

"Eskimo kisses.LOL"

"they looked at beds"

"Lol! I have to try that on my game."

"is this old republic 2?"

"lol the most awkward moment next to Anakin and Padme"

"why cant you bastilla padme even had a baby with anakin and you didnt even kiss revan the dark lord of the sith who is supposed to be even powerful than vader damn i feel like a nerd now lol"

"Will she still join malak ltr??"

"Poor little Barbilla."

"One thing that would really make this game even better is that you could choose either to become a jedi, sith"

"What is being able to play as reven a Mod??? sry for the super newb question"

"i forget, is this the second or first game????"

"Is there always some type of "Bond" in both KOTOR?"

"Jedi aren't allowed to fall in love!? LMAO!! The bad-[snip] of the universe are virgins HA!!"

"or he used force pregnancy or at least that's what a little kid will say when they don't want their hero gettin it on!"

"they look like sim characters lol."

"where does bastila run to"

"she doesnt look like the bastila in my game."

"Whoever did Bastilla's voice sure did a helluva job making it sound sexy."

"Wat would happen if u chose 2 be a girl for the game?"

"Yeah.. I know this is of topic on the video, but on Manaan, am I supposed to get arrested? because every time I do, I end up dying."
I thought this was just a kissing scene, not a couple having sex:

"Wow, they really went at it there. I can't believe YouTube let's videos like this on the site. We have kids on this site you know, that was WAY too graphic."
The turbo cheat helps you run faster, not talk faster:

"i dunno he usin the turbo cheat? cuz they r talkin a bit faster than usuall.."
I’ve tried to explain this over and over again with some people – It’s called kissing animations were not available people:

"Funny-looking kiss animation!"

"The kiss itself didn't look all that great"

"That was a funny looking kiss."

"weird kiss"

"that kiss was messed up lol"

"mwhahaha that was a messed up kiss, thanks for posting this"

"that was the [snip] kiss ive ever seen. i cant believe i wanted to see this happen years ago when i played this hahahahaha"

"they are bad kissers."

"most. awkward. kiss. ever."

"looool the best kiss i've ever seen"

"err WOW so kiss umm well err LMFAO"

"Like, hoorah a kiss, but c'mon it looked so friggin silly"

"cheesy [snip] kiss"

"lol they just grabbed each other and then they just stared at each other i mean how is that making out lol an hour later jeez sum1 wuldv seen"

"That looked so pathetic, and Stupid."

"Also that guy doesnt know how to kiss a girl"
Let’s talk about the Gizkas we see in the video:

"Gizka in background..."

"Gizka is a cool creature"

"HAH! Count on the gizka to ruin the mood!"


"I love the Gizka hoppin about in the background, haha."

"lol, the gizka left the room just before the...uhum. poor creature got embarressed)"

" Oh and here's some gizka I hate those pesky creatures!"

"The gizka killed the moment."

"There they are having a romantic moment, and this gizka comes bouncing in the background. Hilarious."

"Why was the gizka in there?"

"gizka? are you serious? lol"

"lol a giza"

"It's a Gizka hopping in the background."

"HAHAHA...I love the Gizka jumping around in the backround"

"wow kissing for an hour and a gizka watching it the whole time"

"so wat @ 1:43 is that there kid in th background??"

"haha... i love when the gizka sudenly pops in"

"Do you notice the gizka in the background?"

"the thingy was like i dont get no action, im outta here lolololololololololol"

"Lol he had the gizka infestation when he did this"

"It is kinda funny when Bastila is talking to you in private and the Gizka are hopping around behind her."

"GIZKA! lol"

"dude that was one of the first things i noticed when they went into that room lol GIZKA"

"gizka lol!"

"The jumping giska in the room is really romantic"

"lol Gizka ^_^"

"lol random giska"

"what the??? theres one of those frog things jumping around in the background"

"thats hot but wats even hotter is the giza in the background"

"Hehe, the best part is the jumping gizka in the background"

"The gizka hopping in the background just ruined the "romance" of the moment."

"He hasnt dealt with the gizka problem yet."

"Shem, uhh you've got Gizka running loose on your ship! LOL"

"Hilarious how the gizka hops in the background when Bastila speaks about her emotions and the bond - makes her whole speech go down the drain"

"The Gizka just totally ruined her speach. Well done, Gizka!"

"Nice lol! That Gizka hopping around is the funniest thing I ever seen. LOL!!!"

"surprised the gizka didnt kill the mood or anything...."

"The Gizka in the backround was just too funny."


"gizkas all watching through the floor panels. rofl."

"Even the gizka knew it was bound to happen..."


"The Gizka was just making sure no one was peeking"

"Gizka made me laugh my [snip] off."

"O_O that gizka heard what bastila said! kill it!"

"Gizka saw everything, it will inform Jedi Council, lol"

"[snip] [snip] gizka what a [snip] block"

"Jeez, I really can't understand Bastila. First "Let's have some privacy." and then she takes him from an empty space to one with gizka running around."

"Gizzak!!!!! its a spy don't do it! haha"

"That gizka ruined the dramatic tension."
Let’s check out all the confused people who don’t get it that this is a role playing game and that you have to talk to Bastila a lot to get a kiss from her:

"how the [snip] did u get a iss frrom her???"

"(an hour of making out later...) did they really put that in the game?"

"how the hell do u do this?"

"How can you make Bastila kiss you?"

"Is that a mod or in-game feature?"

"I am going to try to get this"

"Can you get them to kiss on the xbox version?Please answer my question im dieing to know"

"i wish xbox could to the same stuff as on pc but nooooooooooooooo microsoft has to be welfare and what not!!!!!"

"is this in xbox 2?"

"how you make reven and Basty(LOL!)kiss?"

"can u do this in the xbox version"

"lol thats kool im going to try and do that on my game"

"cool. do u know where i can get this mod? or is it one u designed urself and havnt uploaded it. i apoligize for my ignorance"

"i remember doing this but i didnt get to see it lol"

"Can you get bastila to kiss ya on XBOX"

"how do u get her to kiss u? i tried it many times but it didnt work."

"how do you do that? XD"

"Does this only happen if you join the light side?"

"they just stand there nodding you dont see the kiss on the xbox, revan just chats her up then it goes to the cut seen"

"where is this? i just can't find out! and is this a mod"

"it's a real or a fake? sry i dunno"

"how do u do that i want to knoe how can any1 tell me how do i need 2 get influence to do it or wat pleez sum1 help me"

"can i ask you a question how do you get them to talk to each other?"

"Whats wrong with my version of the game.I did everything necessary i choose the same answers in the dialogue and when the time for the kiss came i just got black screen and then Bastilla got paranoic and that was it.Later in the game when i choose the dark side she seemed to have forgotten completely about that kiss.Although i tried to talk to her few times she just repeated "with every passing moment Malak gets stronger.."Could someone pls give a hint i replaied the game as male just for that??"

"Woah! Didnt know they actully kissed! Wow!"

"I wasn't able to do this in the game!"

"Does the kissing happen ONLY on light side or can dark siders kiss her too?"

"can that only happen on the PC version?"

"ive tried getting as far with bastila as possible but never did i see this scene."

"is this a mod?"

"ive beaten it 5 or 6 times but havnt seen this."

"I'm suprised his lightsaber didn't go on. How do you get this scene?"

"God I wish this was in the real game !"

"is this an actual part of the game?"

"what do u have to do in the game for this to happen?"

"wat the heck i played this game like 8 times 4 dark side 4 light and i never sceen that be4 in my life i still have the game i'm so star struck how did you do that"

"i did the love ending with bastila and the game went to a black screen before the ending whats the problem"

"lol...that was never in my game!....i now feel that bastila has cheated on me!"

"oh how do you unlock this dialogue too?"

"How do u get this scene in the game?"
For those horny boys who can’t get a girlfriend:

"if i were revan i'd do more than make out for an hour"

"lol just after they turned to the window did revan grope her?"

"i'd make out with her...shes hoottttttt lol"

"giggiddy goo"

"i wish i had the English version. BAstila sounds so esxy!"

"[Snip] that was good "

"Ever consider they did more than kiss...? I mean, think about it. Bastilla wouldn't freak out THAT much over just a kiss..."

"bam chicka bom bom"

"welp revan just gives her a single kiss not even a [snip] make out jeez so much for kiss"

"Does Exile have anyting like this in KoToR2 with mira?"

"Bow chika bow wow."

"woooow they did it!!!! i wonder whats gonna be the babie's name..."

"You should change the mod to show them with their clothes unequipped when the blackout that would make the scene truly complete."

"if i was the guy in that video game id say bastilla is pretty hot."

"Bastila hot"

"lol is it possible to get a chick to kiss her"


"bow chicka bow wow"

"bastila is so [snip] sexy"

"Bow Chicka Bow Bow!"

"sexy pronz!"

"If I had an hour with her, it wouldn't just be making out...."

"i wish it ending with them in thier underwear, sitting on the bed."

"I want a sith woman!!!"

"all they did is kiss?? lame"

"bow chika bow wow"

"i bet everyones watching on a security console"

"bastillas kinda hot sometimes"

"Only an hour? Pfft! Some all powerful jedi!"

"That bed is wrinkled"

"shes got stains in her jedi robe!"

"seriously Bastila is the hottest game babe ever"

"I'd hit it"

"I know its just a game, but congrats to BioWare for making some really hot women in it!"

"I would expect Jedi to be better then that! Or are they so sexually repressed that they can't do more then that? I dunno..."

"even though its a game, but Bastila is HOT!!"

"Wow, hardcore!"

"hey just wondering, would this still happen even if your character is a girl?"

"That's how I like my women: running out of the room at a dead sprint after we kiss."

"make it a girl on girl thing lol"

"When even a video game character turns you down, there really is no hope."
Enjoy this latest update. I'm looking forward to reading your reactions.

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