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Kaneda landed on his feet as Specter threw him away.

"I refuse to believe that! There's no way Naruto would do that! He has never killed anyone in cold blood like the way your describing! The only time he killed was...when that damn bijuu of his wrestled control from him."

"She's right. Its possible whoever killed your tribe you mistook to be Naruto himself. Knowing our Hokage, its impossible to ever think he is capable of doing such."

He looked at Tategami. "What do we do now? The Arashi have escaped, and Gatoa must be a hundred miles from here."

Tategami hung his head down, looking at the marble floor he was standing on. He sighed. "We do nothing..."

Kaneda greatly disapointed with this answer. "They hold the Urn containing the Tenth Tailed Beast. Are we going to stand here and do nothing?"

"We know nothing about the Arashi. Nor what they are dealing with and their goals. We cant just attack them head-on, theres more to it than that Kaneda."

Tategami turned to an Ogawa member. "We need one of your men to accompany us. I'm sure they know more about the situation then we do."

The Ogawa member nodded. "I agree. We may need your assistance in retrieving the Legendary Ten Tailed Beast. Our input will greatly servive your cause."

"Thank you for your cooperation!" Tategami glanced at his Team Members. "We'll rest at the village tonight, and begin our journey home early in the morning."

((End of the First Story Arc. Now moving onto the second =D ))
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