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'Sir...the truck may not be here soon enough, is there any other way to recover this...symbiote?"

"The only way would be to take it out of another Jaffa...The Goa'uld symbiotes act as our immune system, without them, we are vulnerable to all types of sicknesses. I have been without mine for nearly nine hours."

"What in the bloody hell are you?"

Toran shot the man a sharp glance. He could barely understand the man's accent, but he did catch the meaning.

"As I said...I am a Jaffa. And you should be saying. What in the bloody Sokar are you?

Toran leaned in close to the woman with the blonde hair and then shot the man with the accent another strange look.

"What manner of creature is he? I can barely understand what comes out of his mouth when he speaks."
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