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Here comes more.

Atton Asks Bao-Dur About the Exile
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YouTube Video

Some people just need love:

"Okay I may look like a fool after this but it's bugging me in the extremes. Is there any way that atton and the exile end up like carth and revan?"

"does your character "possibly" fall in love with atton"
Some people rather ask me than find out for themselves:

"sorry for being annoying shem but what are jedi conslour like?"
Here is a Bao-Dur thought:

"Bao-Dur sounds kind of creepy, like Christopher Walken."
Here comes a connection:

"hey darth maul a zabrak?"
For some reason this video became a target for KOTOR III talk well before the MMO announcement:

"where the hell is koto3 ??? its been too [snip] long and at the very least just announce it already!!!"

"im sick of bioware and lucasarts crap. make kotor 3 already. the wait has been too long."

"I've got KOTOR 3 on Xbox and PC..."
So you never play the game as a female so some cut scenes never fire. Why is it that just because someone never saw a scene, they cry mod? The Exile is referred to as a woman, but that doesn’t comprehend with someone:

"is this a mod or is it a real conversation?"
Here are a couple of people who knew this was real because they never tried to be a female before, but were smart enough to know it’s not a mod:

"lol...never knew atton and bao-dur could be so funny"

"Wow this is all so new to me. I've never played a female Exile past Telos. I can't argue against what's canon and what's not obviously, It's just so hard for me to play a character of the opposite sex in an rpg. Sorry, It's easier to just hear the story told like this for me."
The Exile's Trial
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YouTube Video

Please, share us your beliefs:

"sith are....misunderstood...theyre no merciless killers...thirsty bloodseekers who bring pain to everyone that stands in their way, but....okay, they are...but SITH RULES"
Run that by me again:

"0_o wats the secret?"

"When I play it on the xbox, at first I wore a Jedi Robe for this but when I was wearing a Jedi Robe when watching this, I was naked."

"I don't like revan that much but I like kyle katarn"
Some people have queries:

"when you speak to Atris, it is possible to get your lightsaber back"

"Why did the exile got cast out again?"
I’m still scratching my head how a few people came to this conclusion:

"When she (Exile) pulls out he lightsaber, does the Exile kill the Jedi Counsil Member??? Just askin'"

"It looked like the Exile was going to stab Master Vrook when she gave him her lightsaber."

"0:53 it looked like the exile stabbed vrook lol"

"at first i thot the exile stabbed a jedi and just walked out"

Canderous Reveals Information About Revan
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YouTube Video

This video is a gem with some really funny remarks. If you haven’t had the chance to go through the comments on this if you were browsing through my YouTube videos, here is what you have missed.

This is one of those comments that speaks for itself:

"Muhahaha i knew mandalore was revan!!"
Somebody doesn’t like Canderous’ look:

"why dose madalore look like a a panzie [snip] biznitch"
Run that by me again:

"Didn't Revan die or something?"

"omg!!!!!!!!! can some1 help me! i want to get force crush but dont now how to get it.. and how do i gain a prestige class i am full dark and have darkmastery!!!!!!!!!! if someone answers those questions i'll be very happy"

"i have swkotor 1 whats the max level?"

"thats canderous. he can be in your party. where do u meet him"

"*Yanwn* Got aload of experience and influence of Kreia i found her the most interesting and the best character. I really wanna get my second classes already but dont you have to be like level 16 or something?"
Adding the influence system in TSL really added a lot of difficulty to the game for some:

"how r u supposed to get infulence with mandalore... its hard"

"where'd you get all that influence? i can't influence him enough"

"How the hell do you get him to say that line?"

"what are the options for getting influence on mandalore?"
Someone needs to explain the Star Wars timeline to this one:

"at the last speech. he says something about fighting the sith well guess what Episode 2 CLONE WARS!"
If you never knew it was a big confusing issue that Canderous is Mandalore, then these comments will blow you away:

"wait you mean mandalore is actually canduros"

"omfg that is Canderous i should of know bc of his implats lol Canderous you were at my side in kotor2 the whole time."

"wtf i beat the whole game and i never knew he was canderous lol man i feel dumb"


"wait wait wait...canderous is mandalore"

"i should have known! canderous and mandalore's voice r nearly the same!!"

"so is mandalore really canderous?"

"mandalore is canderous i never knew"

"In the save game editor there should be an option to get the Mandalore model without his helmet. And what do you know the head looks like Canderous."

"really? i though mandalore was a completey diffrent character"

"hmm i many years playing both games and i never knew candarous was mandalore"

"can some1 plz explain somethn to me plz iam confused is canderous and mandalore the same guy?"
This one guy was in denial and refused to believe me when I told him Canderous is Mandalore. Here are his comments:

"that's mandalore. not canderous."

"the *proof* you showed me in the videos isn't completely valid, seeing how most of it is just your stupid mod."
Some thought this is a mod, or cut content. Others thought you really had to ensemble the clans. What’s funny is all the information and the annotations on the video I put on and people still blindly overlooked it and asked where to assemble the clans. The amount of times it happened will amaze you:

"This is cut content, right?"

"how did you get mandalore to tell you that i reassembled the mandalorians but he never said that?"

"I've only seen one group of Mandalorians in this game, and they're on Nar Shaddaa. Are there any others besides them?"

"I found both of those groups, but this conversation never happened"

"ok, i've found the Mandalorians on Datoonine, Nar Shadaara and the Dxun camp ones, are there more? The only Mandies i found on dxun were the ones Mandalore already has, where are the rest?"

"Do you have to unite the clans AND gain high influence in order for this conversation to take place or do you just need to gain influence?"

"i cannot find anymore scattered mandalorians!!! help me plsss. i only found 2 one in nar shada and one in dantoine"

"where are the clans? So far i got only got the clans on Dantooine and Nar shadaa, wheres the rest?"

"Where are the mandanorian clans Im Stuck"

"Is this cut content? I reassembled the clans hundreds of times and Canderous STILL won't tell me this."

"how did this happen? I played the game like 17 times and never found this, were are all of the mandalorions? plz HELP!!!"

"where are the wandering mandalorians that you need to return to Dxun? I know there is one on Dantooine and another on Nar Shadaa, where are the others?"

"wait, is this a mod or part of the regular game?"

"How do you tigger that scene? I gathered all the clans and everything. at least I think I got em all."

"How the hell??? I never got Mandalore to say that! Even after I got all th clans!"

"can you please tell me where are all the clans?/????"

"man i got all of the clans i need something like charisma to get thi8s?"

"Hm. If you don't mind me asking, how many mandalorian camps,(or small groups of them.), are there? I've found the ones on Nar Shadda in the docks and the ones with the Mercenaries on Dantooine, but I can't get that conversation with Mandalore. Did I miss one clan? Because I couldn't find any other."

"can u plz tell me were the other clans are bcuz i have only found the one on nar shadaar and on dantooine were are the rest?"

"shem can you tell me where the rest of the clans are i already know about the ones on dantooine and nar shaddaa"

"are there clans on korriban!? i just got nar shaddaa and dantoonie's mardolorains and haven't been able to collect this information. is it after the war of onderon or korriban, please relpy"

"I have gathered many clans in the game, but I feel like I haven't gathered enough. Where are the rest of the clans if I missed them?"

"i know mandolorains are at nar shadda and dantooine but where is the other clan??"

"So I am! Dantoine, Nar Shadda and where else? Thanks in advance."

"What game is this? I have KOTOR2.. i haven't seen any of this."
This is another comment that speaks for itself:

"So, how did Revan remember where the mask was. Did that memory come back to him?"
Speaking through a microphone does throw someone off:

"Man, that's not Canderous' orig. voice. Man. That's bothersome somewhat. Hm."
Then comes some more of those confused which game it was moments:

"what game is this? kotor 1 or 2?"

"which one is this one the first one of kotor or is it the second one..."
What’s one of my videos without someone wondering which game this is:

"wut game is this?"
Someone thought there would be more to the first KOTOR game after defeating Malak:

"Dang, I would have brought Canderous with me, but the game ended after I defeated Malak."
Skipping through dialogue will always add to the confusion:

"does anyone understand the plot of the second one like how the hell did u get rev's ship i beat both games like 5 times and idk when it explains it"
Just remember there is plenty more where this came from.

I’m looking forward to more of your replies expressing your reactions.

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