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"I've got KOTOR 3 on Xbox and PC..."

"i should have known! canderous and mandalore's voice r nearly the same!!"
Also very funny.

I still don't understand how so many refuse to believe Mandalore to be Canderous...I would have thought the line 'Canderous is a loyal beast' from Kreia in describing him would have finally informed them...but no, of course, we're all using mods to get that!

As for the comments on the trial....I am confused as to how people confuse Vrook with a chunk of stone in the middle of the floor.

"When she (Exile) pulls out he lightsaber, does the Exile kill the Jedi Counsil Member??? Just askin'"
So we watched the first minute or so then stopped the video and commented? Curious indeed...

Another great collection, Shem!

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