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JA Machinima I Am Making

Hey guys,

I am relatively new to JA and a few friends and I are thinking of making a machinima for JA. This machinima may have minor skinning and modding involved, but only basic stuff, as the only background of modding I have is in the Halo community.

However, we would require help from more senior members of this community. There are certain things we need to do:

- Get a good Video recording software - Yes, no $$ to get a good one, must be freeware and able to record sounds.
- Learn how to move the ingame camera - We know how to use console, but not move the camera
- Learn how to get rid of the HUD - The stuff can get in the way during filming.

I would appreciate help in these areas, and would greatly appreaciate it if I could receive some.

More news on the machinima will be released soon enough, if I can get these stuff resolved.

Thanks to all.

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