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"What manner of creature are you...heheh, bloody idiot. I'm an Englishman."

"That...I did manage to catch. Tell me: Do all englishman speak as you do?"

Toran leaned down next to the body and began an inspection of the dead jaffa. "It looks as if the Symbiote is in one piece. That is a good sign."

Toran doubled over in pain as a shapr pain arched through his body. "It appears I have less time to act then I thought. I apologize for this in advance."

Toran thrust his fist into the Jaffa's stomach and grabbed the writhering shape and grunted as it came free.

"You may wish to avert your eyes. This will most likely be unplesant to your eyes."

Toran pulled out the symbiote and held it down to his stomach and grimanced as it slithered into his stomach.

"I should begin to heal shortly. In the meantime, can someone tell me which planet I have landed on? And is there going to be any attempt to salvage my cargo ship?"
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