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((Hey, PK? Is it daylight or nighttime? ))

Asuka was finally glad to be back home at Konoha. She breathed in air, and smiled as the leaves on the trees rustled together with the wind. She looked at her group and saw that everyone was here... except for one. Akagi!

"Don't worry Tategami-sensai, I'll keep an eye on him. So...what happend after I left? And more importantly, where did Akagi go? I don't see him with you."

Asuka stepped up. "I'm pretty sure he was with us fighting those guys back there. Maybe he's in the forest someplace. I'll go look for him." And with that, the young girl went into the forest to look for Akagi.

As she walked and saw that she was almost far away from the village, she stopped and looked around. A strange feeling occured to her. "Oh man. It feels like... I'm being watched..."

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