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Chapter 8

The endless lines of Hyperspace reverted to their normal locations in a flash. My long journey from Coruscant to the Hapes Cluster was finally over. I stretched, arching my back against the small cramped seat in the X-wing cockpit. I drifted slowly through space, waiting for the hailing call of one of the Hapan Patrol ships to contact me and order me to identify. I sat in silence for nearly a minute before realizing that the entire Hapan Fleet had gone to Shedu Maad. I was alone. I hit the thrusters and continued on my course, allowing the small ovoid astrounit behind me to compute my final jump to Hapes. The starlines enveloped me once more. A few minutes later I arrived at Hapes.

This time I was not so lucky.

"Unidentified fighter, this is the Hapan Battle Dragon Dalliance, please state your intentions and destination."

I leaned forward into the small mike on the dashboard.

"This is Ghel Thek, I'm here on behalf of the Jedi Council. Requesting permission to land at the palace."

"Permission granted, Master Jedi. I hope you know that the queen is not with us here at Hapes."

I clicked twice to acknowledge and blasted towards the planet. The sooner I get out of here the better. I pulled out of my steep drop and into the Palace hangar. The repulsorlifts hummed as the ship was lowered to the floor, then shut off. I popped the hatch and leapt out of the cockpit to be greeted by a small escort. Standing in front of the group was a beautiful Hapan woman in diplomatic attire.

"Welcome Master Jedi. It is an honor to meet a member of your order." she said with a slight bow.

I nodded and walked past her, the group turned and followed me, the diplomat walking slightly faster to catch up with me.

"I can lead you to your quarters now, if you'd like, or I can show you around the palace."

"Show me to my quarters."

The seemed a little off-put, but did as I ordered, and soon we were standing outside the door to a luxury apartment. I motioned to the door and it slid open and we all stepped inside.

"The guards really aren't necessary." I turned to face the woman.

"Its just a precaution. All visitors to the palace are not allowed to travel without armed escort."

"I guess I'll be the first then." I replied.

The weapons of all four of the guards were ripped from their hands and tossed across the rooms. Instantly, all four engaged and the diplomat retreated slowly towards the door. Before she could run out, I closed it with the force, then shoved her head first into the hard metal. She slid to the floor, unconscious. The guards engaged me in hand to hand combat. The first went down with a broken arm, the second with a snapped tibia. The third and fourth had their skulls smashed together when the tried attacking from too close of an angle to each other. The skirmish had lasted about 5 seconds.

I walked to the door and hit the panel. The body of the diplomat hit the floor with a thud as the door slid out of the way. I walked on, down the hallway towards the Queen Mothers quarters. I could feel the darkness growing, pulling me ever closer to the hidden holocron. Surely Tenel Ka had felt this power, how could she have been so blind? I turned left and a group of guards hurried past me on the way to my apartment.

I strode quickly along the hall, towards the elevator shaft at the end of the hall and pried the doors open with the force. I leapt inside, landing nimbly on a small outcropping, and began the climb, launching myself into the air and landing on small platforms for less than seconds, reaching skyward like a bird soaring ever higher. At last, the Force directed me through another door, and I somersaulted through, landing on the level of the Queen Mothers bedchamber.

I walked along the empty halls, alert for dangerous traps that could fill the empty space. I met no resistance, and reached the Queen Mothers chamber in a few short minutes. The darkness here is almost material, as if I could reach out and feel it with my hands.

I sat down and crossed my legs, allowing my mind to fill the room and search for small crevices and other hiding places. In one corner, hidden behind a large tree from an unknown planet sat in a pot, the darkness here was slightly more powerful than the rest of the room. Barely noticable, and easily overlooked. I crouched down and pushed through the branches to find an empty compartment. Disappointment washed over me, and I sat down once more to meditate. Suddenly, I noticed a tiny section directly underneath the royal bed that was almost devoid of darkness.

Oh Jacen, you were a clever one.

I lifted the bed carefully into the air and saw a small crack in the floor. Pulling up the boards, I saw that my prize was indeed hidden here.

I reached into the small hole and lifted out the small prism.


I replaced the bed, then turned to leave the room.

Standing in the doorway were three female commandos.

"You have violated one of the sacred laws of our people. For that you shall die."

All three drew menacing blaster rifles and aimed at me. I chuckled in response then let me face darken.

"Do your worst."

The shots hit me one after the other, striking three spots on my chest. Instead of burning through, however, the energy raced up my arm and lanced back towards the attackers. The bodies fell, smoking holes in their chests and looks of surprise on their faces. I strode to the door, stepped over the bodies and proceeded back to the hangar.


Chapter 12 of Renewal released!

Chapter 2 of Heir to the Force released!
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