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"Once we enter our respective village, you are not to cause any chaos and destruction. Especially if you are still seeking vengence upon our Hokage for a crime he has never commited. Are we understood?"

"Ay ninja, I'll play by your rules for now."

"Don't worry Tategami-sensai, I'll keep an eye on him."

Specter laughed at the girls statement.

"Goody, now I get a baby sitter."

Takeda remained very quiet on the trip back. He had been thinking of more important things in his head like taking on more missions and responsibility in the village. Takeda took notice that Kaneda, Karela, and Specter seemed preoccupied. After Asuka left for Akagi, Takeda decided to make his move. He approached Tategami and bowed to him. He spoke his next words loud enough for Tategami to hear clearly but not the others.

"Tategami-sensai, I wanted to talk to you about something. I have been a chunin for quite some time now and I feel that I have proved I am capable of more than that on this mission. Deep down I had always felt that the Arashi were bad and the Ogawa were really good. I helped the group take down Specter, a ninja none of us prepared for. Though I disobeyed your order to protect Gatoa, I did it to help the others out which turned out to be a good call. Im prepared to take on any test or challenge to prove I'm jonin material Tategami-sensai."

Specter turned to face Karela. If he recalled last time she turned into a beast thing, but it didn't seem like her personallity. Though he refused to believe it, they all pictured Naruto as a saint but he remembered a devil. He approached her and actually bowed to her.

"Disregarding my previous statement towards you, I had a question. Back in those caves you were this monsterous creature thing yet from what I know about you, thats not who you are. What I'm trying to say is was that monster really you, or something controlling you?"
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