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As prideful as Akagi could be at times, he could not hide the fact that he was utterly lost.

He thought he had found the path that led from the Temple to the village, but he had taken a wrong turn, ending up in the darker part of the surround forest.

Akagi collapsed to his knees and took deep breaths, looking around the forest for any sign of correct direction. He was doing an utterly horrible job in this new country.

Suddenly, he heard a crunching of leaves nearby, and it caught Akagi's attention.

His footsteps became much quieter and less frequent, barely making a sound.

He couldn't see whatever was out there, for it was concealed by a few bamboo stalks and more trees.

He crept closer and closer, then finally, he was right next to where he heard the sound.

Akagi jumped out in the open and drew his sword for whatever was out there.

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