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Help needed with Force Powers

Hey Everyobdy

I completed the game in the easiest mode (PS3). While I was playing it, from time to time the game would tell me I had learned a new force power, e.g. force lightning. Then, when I held down L2, the icon in the bottom left for the new power would light up as it was available to me. Throughout the course of the game, all four icons were eventually lit up.

Then I deleted my original game data and started the game from scratch at the normal difficulty level. Currently, I am on the last level, the death star. However, and I still haven't unlocked the final force power. When I hit L2, I can access force lightning, force shield and force repulse. But I cannot access the last one. I can't even remember what it is supposed to be to be honest, lol! it is the icon at the top of the diamond, so to speak.

Anyway, can anyone help me out with this? Why is this last force power not available to me? Like I am on the last level, after I complete that the new force power isn't going to be much good to me!

Any input much appreciated, it is driving me nuts!
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