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Originally Posted by Mr_BFA View Post

Another wonderfully dark chapter, Kado.
I'm surprised as well that Tenal Ka did not sense the holocron, but perhaps it was only visible to the person who was actively in serach of it?
...Anyways ...

The last technique Ghel used however; I've never seen nor heard of it before. Is it a new inventive technique by yourself, or is it just one of those things I've completely missed whilst in my musings of the SW Universe?

But enough of my rambling!

10/10! Awesome work!
(I'm sure Tysy would agree, would you not Tysy? )
Well BFA,

Its of my own invention. Its like a dark adaptation of Corran Horn's (Ghel's Master) ability to absorb blaster fire, only Ghel redirects along his arm and out again as a blaster/lightning riposte (not sure if thats the right word but it looks good. xD).

Thanks both of you for the encouragement. Sometime in the next few chapters (to be precise in either chapters 9, 10, or 11.) You'll see the return of a few old characters. Other than that. Stay tuned!

Chapter 12 of Renewal released!

Chapter 2 of Heir to the Force released!
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