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Heh... well, I'm a bit of a hermit when I'm not working. Or was... I've been trying to change that a bit.

I think I'd probably get along with anyone here in person.

I forget the exact circumstances that inspired me to write that originally, Keyan... but I was probably way, way deep into my darkest, depressed, anti-social days.

I'll have to arrange to meet up with Wildstar one of these days too...

But now that I do have a somewhat active social life (well, far more active for me, anyhow...) finding times that work for everyone becomes the issue...

We'll have to try to arrange that before the end of the summer though.

Saw Trek in IMAX tonight. Cool... but made me painfully aware how jerky and shaky the camera work is in that movie.

I caught a lot of little details though... like the pattern on the fabric on the Starfleet uniforms are a lot of little Starfleet insignias. That's cool.

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