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Originally Posted by Darth Eclipse View Post
Let me just say, in the Bible, it says that Jesus said the He is the Son of God. So, he was either lying, he was crazy, or he was telling the truth.
The character portrayed in biblical mythology didn't actually write any of it. There are several accounts by several anonymous authors of Jesus the alleged christ, but they vary in ways that are inconsistent and occasionally even contradict each other. Moreover, stating that Jesus is real because Jesus says he is is a circular argument and one that is dismissed from intellectual discourse. If you're willing to accept this argument, then you must, necessarily, accept that the crazy guy in Miami, FL who claims to be Jesus is, in fact, Jesus.

If you don't believe in the Bible, I will just say that the Bible has been more historically accurate than any other ancient manuscript.
Not even close. Just off the top of my head, the Armarna Letters and the writings of Plato have been shown to be more accurate. Very little in biblical mythology has been born out as factual. Just out of curiosity, what is it, specifically, that leads you to believe that the bible is historically accurate?

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