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I'm seeing it tonight. I'll let you know what I think when I get home.

I'm not a huge Terminator fan... (never saw T3 or the series...) but I'll go just for kicks.

Only problem: My glasses broke this morning... the frame snapped right in half!.. so I'll be watching it with my old perscription through scratched-up lenses.


I bought those last December too...

Now I have to get new ones... but they didn't have any in stock, and my sunglass frames were the wrong size... so I have to wait until next week to get them. And I suspect it's not going to be cheap, either.


Good things about today:

1.) Cookout at work.
Set up a grill outside the back door. Epic amounts of meat consumed. A couple of weird guys showing up and demanding food, including a taxi driver... but even that was fun.

2.) Hot, hot, hot!
Less clothing being worn thanks to the sudden oppressive heat. Which makes the people watching (female people, that is...) all the more enjoyable.

3.) Anime convention going on in the convention center next door.
(See point #2 ) Thousands of young ladies parading around dressed like total sluts... What's not to love?

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