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Originally Posted by Zargon View Post
friend saw Terminator Salvation, says he wants his 2 hours back.
Hmmm... He may be on to something.
I say: Wait for Netflix.

Not exactly the worst movie I've ever seen... but kinda not very good either.

Lotsa cheesy moments. Mostly the in dialog... which is at points (esp. the last 15 minutes,) painful... with a lot of acting of the Darth Vader "Nooooooooo!" variety.

And there's a lot of action scenes you've already seen in the other Terminator movies. Seriously: a couple of the fight scenes seem like they are blow-for-blow carbon-copies of the older movies.

The F.X. are really good... but not quite enough to sustain the whole movie.

It's too bad, because it really had potential to kick some ass.

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