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Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
....With such an overwhelming consensus among scientists working in fields of biology, climatology, geology, meteorology, etc., all stating that climate change is a real threat...?
Sources? It's easy to make any claim, but if we're to accept this "argument from authority", I'm kinda curious to know how many cooks are stirring that brew.
Sources for a consensus? I thought this was already common knowledge, but okay. Try van den Hove (2003); Oreskes (2004); and Kintishch, Eli (2009).

I'm not asserting the consensus is right, only that there is a consensus. To me, the data are more important.

The problem with the global warming argument is that there's been a push to avoid using the label "global warming" and substitute supposedly less polarizing ones like global climate change.
From a scientific perspective, I see this as a more accurate term and as a strength of science that it's willing to accept conclusions provisionally. You should be more worried if the scientific consensus was unwilling to change or adapt with better data and understanding.

Is that supposed to make everyone think you're really open minded about this thread?
Yes. I am. I truly don't know what to think since I haven't examined the data. I'm looking at more and more in peer-reviewed journals and, so far, it all appears to be in support of anthropogenic climate change. I'm actively looking in the major peer-reviewed journals for specific studies that show otherwise as I type this.

I would, however, point out that, given your rhetoric above which irrationally criticizes the provisional nature of science, your own bias is clear. Since it is, I'm curious: what motivates a bias against the premise that climate change is happening or is accelerated by human activity?

Edit: I took a look at the link above. I see why it looks like Garfy's blog links as well: it's a blog run by Senator Inhofe and only has the .gov domain because of his position in the Senate. It isn't actually representative of the U.S. government nor did I notice any references to sources. Though I admit it was hard to read with all the gaudy caps, bolds, colors, etc. reminiscent of the extreme conservative blogs Garfy posted.


Kintisch, Eli (2009). Projections of Climate Change Go From Bad to Worse, Scientists Report. Science, 323(5921), 1546-1547.

Oreskes, Naomi (2004). The Scientific Consensus on Climate Change. Science, 306(5702), 1686.

van den Hove, S.; Le Menestrel, M.; de Bettignies, H.-C. (2003). Climate Policy 2 (1), 3.

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