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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Oh and I don't pretend that that senate site is unbiassed. It's the minority blog. However, it gives you some idea of who the so called fringe scientists are.
Ah. Yeah, it was hard to follow. I noticed names and places of origin, but not citations to studies. Lots of quotes without benefit of context.

Also of note, notice how they seem to be backing off the Global warming talk since the temps have actually gone DOWN these last few years. Oh wait... now it's Global Climate Change, since warming was easy enough to disprove. The old hockey stick graph makes it's rounds again.
Every study I've looked at regarding global temperatures shows a steady increase in surface temperatures: every model and every observation, and the observations corroborate the models when trend-lines are shown. So, it appears its both accurate and appropriate to still say "global warming" when you're discussing the specific issue of temperatures and the effects of temperatures (i.e. melting polar/glacial ice which raises sea levels). If you're looking at other issues of global warming, its more appropriate to use "climate change" since the warming can affect climate systems. It may be warmer in most parts of the globe, but, because of these systems, a cooling effect may be observed in some regions. The net effect, would still be warming.

Where can I find data or studies that show this "cooling?"

Reference on current warming trends:

Ting, Mingfang; et al (2009). Forced and Internal Twentieth-Century SST Trends in the North Atlantic. Journal of Climate, 22(6), 1469-1481.

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