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As it seems negsun has disappeared off the face of the planet techforum, I'll provide this very late update...with apologies

Update May 23 2009

Current drivers:

Nvidia WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs tested)

185.85 (XP x86)

185.85 (Vista x86)

185.85 (Vista x64)

Windows7 Beta:

185.85 Windows7 x86

185.84 Windows7 x64

* * *

ATI Catalyst WHQL

Catalyst 9.5 (XP x86)

Catalyst 9.5 (Vista/Windows7 x86)

Catalyst 9.5 (Vist/Windows7 x64)

* * *

Vista Codec Pack

The VCP (compiled by shark007 from msdn) now supports XP as as well. Includes FFDshow, Xvid, DivX and other common tools.
Custom install allows you to select only bits you want. x64 Add-ons are a must for vista/W7 x64 users(install alongside with the x86 pack)

There is an all-new config GUI which simplifies advanced config options for all common filetypes:
5.26 (Final) VCP for XP/Vista x86

1.8.6 (Final) add-on for Vista x64

Windows7 beta codecs:

Fully featured codec pack support is now available for those trialing the Win7beta.

Windows7 codec pack x86 1.1.4 (Final)

1.20 (Final) add on for Windows7 x64

* * *
Finally, just in case you missed it: Applies for DX9 and 10, XP and Vista:

DirectX March 2009

* * *

very overdue, I know


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