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Originally Posted by Tommycat
CO2 is not the leading greenhouse emission. In fact it plays a relatively small role. Historically CO2 increases follow an increase in temperature, as a greater number of living creatures tends to increase the CO2 levels.
Though not being the leading greenhouse emission, it's still adding its part to a rise of the mean temperature.

Water vapor is far more effective at trapping radiative heat.
Strange, I thought water vapour is usually a result of, err, heat? I mean I'd take a wild guess and claim that the human civilisation is a rather quite exothermic one.

Global mean temp has historically been higher without man's assistance. In fact when it was at it's highest temps the Earth was going through an explosive growth of life.
Though not human life, or lifeforms as we know them nowadays. Actually, it appears to be true that we've had higher concentrations of CO2 in our atmosphere, and higher mean temperatures as well. In the past. The distant past, compared to our time here on Earth.

I'm not so sure we'd want to have these conditions back in the here and now.

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