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Well guys, I'm planning to get things geared up Saturday night and we should start running the server (or joining a server) Sunday.

My parents are coming to town so I may not be on all that time, but I figure I can do one of two things:

Put up the IP(s) of some servers for us to "meet at" to play (and if voting is enabled, we can team up to vote in the options WE want, rather than whatever stupid crap they might be using, though that may be wishful thinking on my part).


Run a "dedicated server" off my home PC. Now bear in mind I haven't done this in a long time (I figured this time I'd just run the game locally and play in it with you folks), so the settings might not be perfect.

If something goes wrong with the server while I'm not there, I won't be able to restart it (obviously) until I get back home, so please be patient, and send me an email if you notice something is amiss.

Anyway, it won't be as good as the old days, but I imagine it will be nostalgic, and I'm looking forward to it!

If any wish to contact me, the easiest way is email. Perhaps we can get a Teamspeak or Ventrilo server up too, for voice communication? Just an idea.

Keep in mind that this is not the only time I will be attempting to get a game of JA setup for us. After June 1st (and especially after June 15) I am anticipating having a lot more time.

PS: Skinwalker, go pickup your new power supply so you can play with us!

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