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Originally Posted by Zargon View Post
you can now join the ranks of 'people who helped kill the economy'

on that note, you should read todays dilbert

How hard was it? I'm thinking about it, but leaning more towards a MIS Masters

and uh....gmat or gre? which is easier?

I haven't joined the ranks of people who killed the economy. Afterall what is the fun in that, you first have to wait until there is a recovery and some new growth. My MBA will allow my future self to kill the new economy. Till then I'm trying to aide the economy with gun purchases, putting money back into it sort of thing (when the zombies come I will be ready).

Difficutly varied greatly depending on the class and professor so I can't really say.

and with my work experience and prior education I didn't need to take a GMAT or GRE to get in, so I can't say which is easier.

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