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so anyway

I should perhaps mention what the hell I'm doing, every now and then, aside from making stabs at R15 (every body does it :P)

I'm still working, a decent 40hr work week
I took a half day two fridays ago to mow the lawn.

I went out on sunday with RFH and Jango to see Star Trek, it was interesting, they made the star ships more 'industrial' looking, kinda how it looks on the navy ships today. And Lenard Nemoy looks f-ing old now, what is he like 79-80?
I so miss watching Boston Legal, Shatner was so funny in that

and this week I sent my new tower to be diagnosed, cus I cant fricken figure that thing out, I've tried just about everything. pls dont ask about that, I have a long list for that.

this weekend I'll be going down to Conesus, along with the other 20-something's in my big fam.

I need to take a shower, and head out and buy some tomato for the mac salad i'm going to make

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