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Those are some amazing prices Q. You are definitely a bargain hunting master.

Originally Posted by Astrotoy7 View Post
I've heard good reports about the Asus.

But as you can guess Char, If I was going to commit to corei7, I'd go for the Shuttle SX58H7 in a snap

Good to know. To me it's a toss up between these two. As far as h/w choice goes, I already have a case and 80+ Bronze PSU that I don't feel like sidelining. Still waiting for Shuttle to come out with an AM3 model so I can use it to try my hand at running a media center.

Originally Posted by stingerhs View Post
Core i7??? a bit too overpriced and slightly overhyped, IMHO. is there any hope in me convincing you to go with a high end Core 2 Quad or a Phenom II??
Considering I'm currently using a Pentium 4 and am on a 4-5 year upgrade cycle, probably not. Besides, I do want the multi-threading horsepower for video editing. The Pentium 4 just isn't making it happen. And I'd rather go with the integrated memory controller solution than Core 2 Quad FSB. As for Phenom II, its performance really doesn't match up to Core i7. That being said, I'm trying to hold out for a price drop so I can buy a Core i7 920 for $250 or less. Not sure how much longer I'll manage to wait though.

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