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Originally Posted by Scar Da Kookee View Post
FMA2 has the same story as FMA1, but things are changed up a bit
Well, it does for now, but it will diverge later. The first one followed the all of the manga that had been written then, but had to make up its own stuff for what happened after that. A lot more of the manga has been written now, so the new series will have the same stuff as the first one until it gets to where FMA1 had to make up its own stuff. Then it'll keep following the manga, so it'll be different from the first one.

FMA2 (at least so far) seems to be going through things rather quickly; I hope they slow down a little when they get to the stuff that wasn't in the first one. FMA1 was awesome until the last couple episodes or so, but the manga seems like it will have a much more satisfying ending, so I'm pretty hopeful for FMA2.

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