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Bummer. Well my parents are in town so I'm guessing I'll have the server up as soon as I can (afternoon CST), but I may not be in to play for much of that time tomorrow.

I'm hoping to catch the last showing of Star Trek (traitor!!!!).

But the rest of this week (except Friday night/Sat morning) I can play. Especially Wed-Thurs.

When I get the IP I'll post it here, so just keep checking it. If you pop in and nobody is around, don't give up, and just try and get my attention (drop an email even if it seems like it should be obvious).

I may not get the Ventrilo server setup in time, but I am thinking I'll run that for sure after June 1st. If somebody else has more experience with that and wants to set one up though, that'd be cool.

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