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Originally Posted by EnderWiggin View Post
With all that red tape, it'd probably be pretty damn easy to prove.
Then let us hope it stays taped up like that.

I'd say, though, that the 'verified by two physicians' thing should include independent of one another.

Curious: would/could there be allowances made in the form of surveillance records at patent's/patien's party's request (after of course being informed of what privacy they are forgoing etc.)?

Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
I have not seen anyone advocate murdering terminally ill patients in this thread.
Never meant to imply that about anyone here, just speaking in the ultimate sense that it should be the patient's (well informed) choice. None other.
I also donít advocate it being only the patientís will unless she/he is thoroughly informed by a medical profession about the prognosis. I believe this is a decision that should be made by the patient, their loved ones and medical professional, but the ultimate decision should be the terminally ill person's.
I had hoped to imply as much in it being up to the patient, but certianly, thank you for that clarification and show of exceptions.

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