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Putting these together can be very time consuming as I have to read each individual comment and sometimes there are hundreds of them on a video to read and then putting them all into organized categories. So it is about finding the time to put these together.

Anyway, let’s continue on. It’s nice to know how the influence system works and what you need to do to get certain scenes. It’s logical when you think about it when there is more influence than others at certain points of the game so that way I know what to do tweak when wanted to trigger a scene just to record it for viewing on YouTube. However, that doesn’t mean lots of people are confused by the influence system.

Visas and Brianna Fight About the Exile
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YouTube Video

Some strange trends start and can never be explained how or why they start:

"What the hell is wrong with Visas tongue?"

"Does Visas have any teeth?"

"if u watch this vid without sound it looks like visas would talk weird"
It really helps when you’re not skipping through dialogue and paying attention at least the first time you play any of the KOTOR games. There is dialogue that you can’t miss if you actually complete the game:

"Does anyone know how to get handmainden to tell you her name"
It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to learn how the influence system works:

"What do u have to do to get this to happen? PLZ RESPOND!"

"Gah I hate it when you lose too much of Handmaiden's trust and she eventually never talks to you again"

"but do you have to be on the "light side" or "dark side" to get this scene?? Or does it matter??"

"Wtf how come i didnt had this scene? I played dark side. Is that why?"

"hmmm I never got this scene during the game, do have to be LS or DS for it or is it nuetral?"
Accidents do happen:

"i've only had this scene twice i have no clue how to access this"
Being observant helps too:

"Are they yelling at each other from across the ship?"
Some people I tell you:

"omg sorry i didn't know visas marr was a sith"
So some people don’t approve of how I like to play my games:

"'He is selfish, at times lacking discipline' JediShemL, have you been steering your Exile towards the Dark Side? Bad, bad Jedi!"
Every now and then some random person gets angry with me for no apparent reason. I erased a lot of them and blocked the user who said it. Well, that was well before I thought about doing this and now I regret deleting some great comments. Here is one I saved:

"This game sucks!OBLIVION has better graphics, better images and better QUESTS than this thing!!Go to HELL!!!!!!!"
So let’s insult us and then ask a question. I fail to see the logic in that since I don’t see a reason why someone would want to answer a person who talked like that. Thought if this person was logical, he would have just read the earlier comments where the answer to his question was answered:

"you guys r nerds and how do u get that conversation?"
Some people just want love:

"If i was the exile i would have to go with Brianna."

"I would choose Visas... she is really... touching."

"Is there a romance option with Visas?"

"They both have their own beauty. I'm still trying to decide who I want to go after. [explains what he likes about both women] Can someone help me, I'm so stuck."

"Just look at Visa's mouth. Those lips..."

"I am still disappointed that they didn't made a true Visas romance."

Mira and Brianna Chat About Getting a Man
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YouTube Video

The confusing influence system makes a popular comeback:

"Do you get this scene if Mira has the most Influence of the three of them?"

"how do you get this scene?"

"how do u get this to happen?"

"damn...I miss this part I got to play this game again when I have the time"

"How do you get this scene? I treid everything."

"Damn it ! Again ! I didnt got this part too !!"

"how do u get them to do this? I NEED TO KNOW! PLZ RESPOND"

"how do you get that story dude plase massage me back"

"When does this scene (and the one with Visas) happen? I never got any of these on all my playthroughs? Is is for XBoX only?"

"I have recently played the game through (PC) and did not get this vid either. I played as lightsider and had more influence with Brianna than Mira but less than with Visas (at the time)."

"How do you turn Handmaiden into a dark jedi? Every time i try i lose influence"

"i cant get haindmaiden dark because she wont talk to me anymore cause of visas, how do i get rid of that?"

"advise me how should fully influence visa marr without making handmaiden jealous and tell me what visa marr says in fully influenced form"
When replaying a game when it is new, it’s good to play it different ways like playing as a male and female while exploring both light and dark side options with each gender. Well, some people won’t and get confused why they can’t do certain things in TSL:

"ok i dont want to sound like a [freak]ing noob but how do you get mira?"
Some people really have their facts backwards. This person really thinks this way and can’t be talked out of it:

"Theyre not making a kotor mmo, they are however making kotor 3, why do you people not listen"
This is a side of Mira that a lot of gamers never saw and created fear among some of our male gamers:

"If I was the Exile, I'd be like 'Oh [crap].'"

"Note to self: Never hit on Mira lol"

"Damn Mira The Sex Hunter."

"kinky much?"

"She has a sick sense of love that woman"

"she scares me more than HK-47!"

"Holy crap, is THAT what girls talk about in the bathroom!??!"

"this is completly unrealistic silly dialoge from people who have no idea about women."

"i know my girlfriend is plotting my death as i type this."

"wow...I think I'll stick with handmaiden"

"she did that to me NEVER SAY NO TO HER DATE REQUEST!!!!"

"that would be a OH [crap] NOT IN THE [butt]!!"

"hmm....makes me wanna switch my character to a girl now...."

"Didn't know Mira was the dominatrix type..."


"now you see how come you never find THAT girl in highschool..."

"Mira will [screw] you, then sell you."

"wow im speechles"

"wow really i dont want to date mira it sounds to .... haven got word to describe"

" she a bondage freak...i bet her room is a dungeon...~.~ (note to self never go near [mira])"

" Damn. Mira's creepy."

"And Mira is a light-sider... strange. lolz"
This either created or enforced some fantasies with some of the teenage boys or young men out there that follow this game who really need a girlfriend:

"Now that a woman!! To be fear and respected. And Married as soon as possible!!!!"

"dam if she uses cuffs. she my kinda woman lol"

"damn miras my kinda girl"

"dammmnnn remind me if i ever get a bounty on me, i want mira to take it lol"

"I'm going to go out right now and make a crime lord really mad. If I'm lucky enough, maybe he'll put a price on my head and Mira will come after me. lol"

"Oooo handcuffs... tee hee hee."

"wow some1 put a bounty on me i want mira comin' for me!"

"she could jab me with a bothan stunner put some stun cuffs on me and starve me all she wants"

"Remind me to stay FAR FAR AWAY from mira lol,i dont fancy being stabbed, held in custody and starved..........or do I?"

"Sounds kinky, wish my girlfriend would do that to me!"

"My kind of woman!"

"Hmmm sounds fun that tactic...without the stun stick and the starving aah...details"

"I'm in love."

"wow she just jumped up ranks in my hot star wars chicks list"
Enjoy the update. I always enjoy reading your reactions.

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