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I profoundly hate the hell-crap spawn that is a product of:
1) yuppie christians that dath mentioned
(bred with)
2) those strung out hippie derelicts Tie23 mentioned

...Yes, the two have bred together. I want to go on a headbutting spree every time I see them. I frankly don't know how anyone could stand these people.

Another variation: There are mexicans and then there is the brown colored variation on white suburb morons that think just b/c someone in a gang from the bigger city (probably a reject) shares cigarettes with them, they are automatically bad ass. Their grafitti is fail. Claiming to be Native American to get benefits in school. Otherwise exactly like white preppy suburb morons.

Drivers who:
1) don't go the F*CKING speed limit
2) just HAVE to be in front of you then slow down and won't let you pass
3) drivers with ridiculously tricked out cars who decide to cut you off and nearly take your front bumper off all because you didn't give them props for their tricked out piece of S*IT.
4) mostly those who StarWarsPhreak mentioned

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
- Walmart - I dont care if I can buy stuff cheaper there, i refuse to buy a single thing from walmart.
- Starbucks
Know exactly what you mean: Unfortunately there is 5 of them in the small town my parents live in. No wonder the economy is failing up here.
- Radio calibre "soft rock"
- People who chew loudly/ with their mouth open (this would appear rational except it pisses me off to the point of blowing up at them)
- Mcdonalds
- Obese people - This one is rather specific and maybe some of you will take offense to it but seriously, if you're THAT fat and youre not doing anything about it, gtfo. and when I say obese I don't mean overweight, I mean close to blimp size.
- People who walk slowly in front of you - I run into these people on purpose
- People speaking loudly to me when the surroundings are quiet.
Shared hatred. Will spread.
Originally Posted by TiE23 View Post
People who think if they blog enough about problems in the world they can fix it.
Hence the real reason paintballing in the dark was invented.
Ditto to jonhill --- "people don't know the difference between their, there and they're."
Originally Posted by narfblat View Post
@Dath: to be fair, you should also have mentioned the yuppie atheists that demand proof.
<sigh> Don't you mean Achillies here on LF who hangs around the senate?

One last thing I hate: that Mr punk rock loving, fundamentalist, weightlifting, "I'm a vigilante but work road repair", spiky haired, think-I'm-so-bad-b/c-I-can-stare-you-down, SOB whose acting like he's "silent cool" but is really just an insult to the rest of us and taking up space.
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