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Originally Posted by DarthDac View Post
This thing bothers me a little. In the end of Episode III, Darth Sidious and Darth Vader are standing on the bridge of a Star Destroyer, and watching the construction of the Death Star.

Just look at it. It looks like the Death Star was constructed since the end of Ep 2 or the beginning of Ep 3. If the death star wasn't constructed since Ep 3 then how could they build it so quickly? If it was constructed since Ep 3 then how could Palpatine hide it from the jedi?
Well the Death Star was first seen at the very near end of Episode II, during the arena riot Poggle handed Dooku a holo-model of the Death Star, the Death Star started construction near the end of Clone Wars I'm guessing (not sure about the official construction start).

The issue of hiding it from the Jedi wouldn't have been such a big problem since A) a lot of the Jedi (the more dangerous Jedi at least) were out on diplomatic off-world missions for long periods of time so them seeing the Death Star wouldn't be an issue. Order 66 prevented a lot of "would be" Jedi problems by eliminating them then and there on the many planets they were on. The Republic being transformed into an Empire would be the biggest concern to any surviving Jedi since a Sith lord is in control of the Republic (also they wouldn't know to look for a Death Star).

So by Episode IV the Death Star had probably been finished for a couple of years (haven't read Death Star yet) so as far as the Empire knew the Jedi had been purged, and if there were any remaining Jedi their numbers were too low to be considered a significant threat.
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