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Originally Posted by Shem View Post

"What the hell is wrong with Visas tongue?"
I'm sorry I just can't resist a little clean pulp ficiton:

What country you from?

WHAT ain't no country I ever heard of, they speak english in WHAT?


Say what again! SAY_WHAT_AGAIN! I dare ya, I DOUBLE DARE you, mother****er, SAY WHAT ONE MORE GAWD DAMN TMIE!

"Does Visas have any teeth?"

"if u watch this vid without sound it looks like visas would talk weird"
My reply would be:
Originally Posted by GTA2SWcity on youtube
Are you some kind of dentist for VG characters? I didn't know they had those.
How about a nice cup... of SHUT THE F*** UP?!

"Are they yelling at each other from across the ship?"

Originally Posted by Shem
Some people I tell you:
"omg sorry i didn't know visas marr was a sith"
Say wut? Doesn't anybody pay attention anymore?

You know what should be done--I know it's annoying as all get out, but they should make reading the dialogue for at least the first playthrough MANDATORY until you have beaten the game at least once. No early click outs to skip dialogue. Option to do so becomes available upon completion of the game. Sort of like capcom's MegaManX5 or X6.

Originally Posted by Shem
So some people don’t approve of how I like to play my games:
"'He is selfish, at times lacking discipline' JediShemL, have you been steering your Exile towards the Dark Side? Bad, bad Jedi!"
Well, personally, I think that was just sarcasm and trying to be funny coming from the youtuber. I could be wrong, though.

Certainly not as inflammatory as when I post a (rather civilized) comment on some old NES retro game, and then some random douche nozzle replies to my comment:
Originally Posted by random YT troll idiot
"OMG, nobody cares. (Said Game) is for faggots. STFU. Go away and die"
...So I usually find some way of putting it right back in their face.

Originally Posted by Shem-A-Mania
This is a side of Mira that a lot of gamers never saw and created fear among some of our male gamers:
My replies:
"that would be a OH [crap] NOT IN THE [butt]!!"
^^^Fantasizes about artificial "attatchments" of some kind on dominant women. Pray he never winds up in jail.

"hmm....makes me wanna switch my character to a girl now...."
...HEY! Totenkopf! Let's give this guy a swirley, plastic-wrap him naked into a cocoon, paint him pink and toss him into a dumpster at one of those trucker stops!!!

"Didn't know Mira was the dominatrix type..."
You gone and done it now...Get in that barn, boy! hoohoohooooo

Hmm, lonely much? Why don't you save up all that $$$ you spend on video games and go out to the nearest bunny ranch and find yourself a......ehh, nevermind, we don't need useless people like you diluting the gene pool any further.

"now you see how come you never find THAT girl in highschool..."
B/C teenage n00bile girlies have not developed personality wise enough to even comprehend half of what Mira's real life equivalent is getting at. And in many cases, not physically either.

"Mira will [screw] you, then sell you."
Uhh, no, you wish. BTW, I did your mom last night.

...let's pray this one also never ends up in jail...

" she a bondage freak...i bet her room is a dungeon...~.~ (note to self never go near [mira])"
No, actually her apartment looked like a random storage shed. You'd never get away form her if you were her bounty. She wouldn't rub her thingies against you at apprehension; she'd stun you so she wouldn't have to make but minimal bodily contact, throw you in a box, then turn you in for credits. Have a nice time in Cero the hutt's "spice boy" dancer cantina.

" Damn. Mira's creepy."
Damn, you're even creepier

"And Mira is a light-sider... strange. lolz"
^^^Stereotypes. A major turnoff for women.

Originally Posted by shemster
This either created or enforced some fantasies with some of the teenage boys or young men out there that follow this game who really need a girlfriend:
"Now that a woman!! To be fear and respected. And Married as soon as possible!!!!"
Country boy. Lonely. Not enough sheep and horses.

"dam if she uses cuffs. she my kinda woman lol"
No, STFU, DO not pass go, and GTFO

"damn miras my kinda girl"
So is just about every video game heroine out there.

"dammmnnn remind me if i ever get a bounty on me, i want mira to take it lol"
You don't need a reminder, but you will need some consolation when a fat and ugly martial artist bounty hunter "Mort Sims" from the hardy boys series apprehends you instead.

"I'm going to go out right now and make a crime lord really mad. If I'm lucky enough, maybe he'll put a price on my head and Mira will come after me. lol"
No you're not going to be that lucky. You're just stupid. One of his ugly goons will probably get to you first for being a dip S***.

"Oooo handcuffs... tee hee hee."
Cops also carry handcuffs. Big fat ugly brutal cops.

"wow some1 put a bounty on me i want mira comin' for me!"
Will get a bounty on his head, but end up being caught by Hanharr instead.

"she could jab me with a bothan stunner put some stun cuffs on me and starve me all she wants"
Women are like cats: the more you want attention from them, the less likely they want anything to do with you.

"Remind me to stay FAR FAR AWAY from mira lol,i dont fancy being stabbed, held in custody and starved..........or do I?"
Uhh, okay. You Attention whore. :¬:

"Sounds kinky, wish my girlfriend would do that to me!"
Then maybe instead of playing video games you ought to concentrate more on your relationship instead...just saying.

"My kind of woman!"
Shut up.

"Hmmm sounds fun that tactic...without the stun stick and the starving aah...details"
She's probably gonna put that stunner where you seriously won't like it. And ratchet up the cuffs too.


"I'm in love."
She's NOT. Most AVERAGE women who don't EVEN look half as good as Mira won't even consider dating you if you are the romantic puppy dog type with your tongue hanging out your head.

"wow she just jumped up ranks in my hot star wars chicks list"
Uhh, there aren't all that many hot star wars chicks to begin with.

Originally Posted by Shem
Enjoy the update. I always enjoy reading your reactions.
Glad to entertain.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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