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I wonder why you would make engineers for Republic/Separatist even more ridiculously imbalanced with turret dispenser, yet the later era engineers don't...

Also, it wouldn't be a "Guardian Droid," but the Magna Guard. Guardian Droids weren't even a major character anywhere, other than Star Wars: Droids, which was nothing.

Something I would like to see are more classes in space... A captain/admiral class for space would be cool. They could have a rally of some sort, and (this has been discussed before), maybe they'd be able to command the vessel itself.

Noting the side-by-side battle between the Invisible Hand and Guarlara over Coruscant, the turbolaser/proton torpedo exchange of bombardment reminded me of classic naval warfare in the 17th-19th centuries. I'd like to see more of that in BFIII. Moving capital ships, maybe a couple of them, and realistic ship sizes, unlike what BFII now has, which is very disproportionate when you actually look.

While some of your ideas are okay, it would need a lot of revisions to make it actually balanced.

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