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"Count me in. I lost all my instant ramen when we were fighting the Arashi...such a shame...such a waste. Wait, are you buying? I'm fresh outta money."

Kaneda sighed. "Alrite, fine. But Specter can pay for his own damn meal. C'mon, I'm starving!"

He walked through into the gate entering the village and escorted Karela and Specter to the Ichiraku Ramen Bar. He sat on a stool and ordered himself and Karela a bowl. He broke the chopsticks apart. "Wel'p, looks like the Arashi have taken us for fools to do their dirty work. I wonder what they'll have in store for us next time..."

__________________________________________________ ________________

"Tategami-sensai if you don't mind me asking I had a question. How old were you when you became a jonin?"

Tategami continued walking, but looked over his shoulder to spot Takeda. "Age does not entirely matter. I became a Jonin when I was 17 years of age, like many average shinobi. But some of the best students I've known have achieved the rank at just 15."
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